Beautiful Buildings That Highlight Masonry

Posted on: July 20, 2021

concert hall

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Multiple architectural structures have, time and time again, tested the merits and strengths of the humble brick. Even in these modern times, challenging designs that have successfully been accomplished have shown that bricks, and other masonry materials, are versatile materials that are functional and beautiful. Modern architects and designers are now taking the capabilities of bricks to new heights. That is why if you are thinking about having a new property constructed, why not consider brick or other masonry materials as your main material and work with trustworthy brick contractors in Tulsa, OK to achieve your desired design?

Bricks are often associated with boring or even outdated designs. But just because you're using one of the most popular building block materials in architecture does not mean you have to stick to old, traditional designs. If you want to get ideas on simpler but similarly beautiful modern designs, get in touch with professional brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. But for today, we will be discussing some amazing structures that highlight the strength and beauty of masonry.

concert hall

CKK Jordanki - Torun, Poland

This is a multi-functional structure that is built at the very heart of Toruń and showcases an extraordinary umbrella of red bricks. This building was designed by Fernando Menis - a Spanish architect using concrete and crushed brick to create an outstanding effect.

modern perforated brick wall
Puni Distillery - Glorenza, Italy

This structure is reminiscent of a red brick cube and is planned and designed by Werner Scholl - a South Tyrolean architect. Its exterior wall's striking design looks like a glowing lantern and the whole building was inspired by traditional farmhouse architecture. Puni is among the first and only Italy-based whiskey distilleries with barrels that are kept in old military bunkers.

brick house

Brick House in Rosario, Argentina

This brick structure was designed by Diego Arraigada and is built on the concept of adapting bearing masonry and common bricks as a basic building unit. This urban home leaves a lot of free land on the lot and uses brick as the main element while incorporating modern interior designs.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern - London, United Kingdom

Tate Modern's new wing was opened in 2016 and designed by Herzog & de Meuron. It showcases a striking combination of raw and refined elements representing a strong illustration of 21st-century architecture. The building's facade uses brick to match the rest of the existing structure while creating a perforated brick lattice allowing interior lights to glow in the evening.

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

O’Donnell + Tuomey - Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, London School of Economics, London, UK

Irish architects Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey received the 2015 Royal Gold Medal from The Royal Institute of British Architects for designing this building and making a significant contribution to the advancement of architecture. This building was completed in 2013 and was made to conform to its adjacent building's familiar brick materials while adding a strange twist on the patterns and structures within.

These amazing architectural structures that make use of brick are just some examples of what brick can be capable of. While not every modern brick home design needs to be avant-garde, you can get a lot of ideas on how you would want your own brick structure to look. And if you are looking for trustworthy brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, choose us at Brick 1 Masonry. As experts in the field of masonry, we guarantee top-notch work that you won’t easily find elsewhere.