Building with Bricks: How to Ensure Structural Integrity

Posted on: March 22, 2023

building with bricks

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building with bricks

It is crucial to consider the color, texture, and pattern of the lay when choosing bricks for our home to get the ideal design. We choose the right brick that will give us a vision of how it will look and feel. In Tulsa, stone and brickwork are based on the size of the property.

With a general idea of where to start and knowing the architectural style of our home, we can now focus on ensuring its strength and durability. Here are the five things that we should keep in mind to maximize the structural integrity and visual appeal of the house that we’re building.

The Right Brick

Our construction project's choice of bricks will depend on a number of variables: the environment, the required load-bearing capability, and the desired aesthetic look. It's crucial to select premium bricks that are sturdy, long-lasting, and made for the particular structure we have in mind. Based on the risk of earthquakes in the locality, it’s best to use anti-seismic bricks that can absorb the tremor.

Any building must have a solid foundation to ensure structural integrity. It’s the same with structures made of bricks. The foundation must be composed of sturdy and stable materials like concrete and steel. The base must also be deep enough to withstand the weight of the building and the abuse it has to endure. Fixing any minor or significant problems with the foundation is crucial to structural integrity.
The Right Mortar

Almost as crucial as the bricks themselves is the mortar you utilize to build the structure. Apply mortar that is both durable in holding the bricks together and flexible enough to tolerate movement. The kind and grade of mortar used in a project will significantly affect the building's structural integrity. This is de rigeur when it comes to commercial concrete work in Tulsa, OK.

Reinforcement of Walls

In order to ensure that the walls can sustain the load they will be subjected to over time, proper reinforcement is necessary. This backup depends on the height and scale of the building. It can require giving the walls additional support made of steel or concrete. This is important if we’re talking about a wall that supports a large amount of the weight of the structure from the roof down to the foundation.

Hire a Professional

It's crucial to engage skilled workers if you have no bricklaying experience. They can make sure the building is constructed according to code and complies with regulatory standards. Furthermore, a professional will be able to give us advice on the best tools and materials that we can use for the construction. Most of all, if you want the job done properly the first time, employ somebody experienced in the field.

Your move
By following the steps we just mentioned, our brick structure will be built to last. Over time, it can retain its structural integrity. In Tulsa, stone and brickwork are built to last. The worst that can ever happen to our building is if it ends up with a structural failure. Unlike the Leaning Tower of Pisa, structural integrity has gone south.

We have highly skilled workers who can build the brick structure you’ve been wanting to own. Brick 1 Masonry can make it a reality. From renovation to a new project, we can give you the brick home of your dreams. If you want to know more about us, our website is You can also call us for more information at 918-698-3573 or 918-935-4211.

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