How to Choose the Best Brick Color for Your Home

Posted on: September 21, 2020

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When it comes to home construction, using brick adds a distinctive element that cannot be replicated by other materials. But to really create a look that enhances this feature, one must choose the right color scheme that works with the entire home exterior. That’s what brick contractors in Tulsa, OK are for. As professionals in their field of work, they know how to choose the best brick color that works for you and your home. Even so, it’s always good to have a little know-how of things like this since it is, after all, your home that we are talking about.

If the only brick color you know is the classic red brick, then there is much that you need to know because there are many other brick colors out there. Although it is the most popular, you can choose other colors to fit your home’s aesthetic, especially if you are choosing a design that is less common than others. Aside from color, though, building with brick is also a great choice since it is durable, sustainable, beautiful, and practically maintenance-free. Ask any brick contractors in Tulsa, OK and they’ll tell you just that.

So here’s how to choose the right brick color:

  • Consider Your Home’s Fixed Features

Fixed features are elements of your home that are not often changed. These are your roofing style and color, concrete, chimney structures, walkways, and the like. Observe them properly and you will notice a repetition of tones that make your home and its surroundings cohesive. When choosing a color for your brick exterior, it should blend with the colors of the rest of your home to create the best look.

  • Consider the Mortar’s Color

Since mortar accounts for 20% of the wall area, its color can influence how your chosen brick looks so choose wisely. A white mortar used with lighter-toned brick will make the wall look lighter. Ivory mortar softens the wall color, and gray mortar tends to contrast individual bricks and make them stand out for a more traditional look.

  • Consider the Roof Color

You can also choose your brick color depending on the color of your roof. If your roof is black, you can choose white bricks for a more stately appearance. You can also choose brick with a dark blend. Gray roofs are great with multi-colored bricks, as well as pink and orange tones. Brown roofs go best with neutral colors

  • Look closely at the Brick’s Colors

Bricks can look different up close. At first, you might just think that the color of your brick is red but when you look closer, you will notice that its color is actually closer to pink or that it has a cast of colors mixed in that make it look red from afar. This should be taken into consideration especially if your fixed features follow a specific color scheme.

Determining the best brick color for your home is all about wanting to create a cohesive look. It’s also about considering how well the color you’ve chosen blends in with the rest of your home’s features. So if you want to choose the best, get professional help from us at Brick 1 Masonry. We are your local brick experts providing brick services, masonry repair, and other services in Tulsa, OK. Call us today at 918-698-3573 to know more.