Manufactured Stone Vs. Natural Stone

Posted on: November 15, 2021


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Brick contractors in Tulsa, OK often work with both natural and manufactured stones which have their pros and cons. But even without those, it's undeniable that both materials lend a different quality of beauty to a home. That’s why it’s often a tough decision to choose between the two. That’s because there are still a lot of factors that play into choosing between the two materials. Ultimately, you will be choosing between affordability and genuineness of material but even so, it often all boils down to personal preference. So, which would you choose?

Builders, architects, and contractors put a lot of thought into which construction material they choose, often taking into account which material their clients prefer. And to help you decide which you would prefer your brick contractors in Tulsa, OK to work with, we’ve put together some information that you might find useful.

What’s the Difference?

Natural stone is collected entirely from the earth. From there, the raw material is processed according to how it will be used, which only means that the stone will be cut to different sizes and finished in a specific way. The colors and patterns that can be seen on each slab are all-natural and unique to each piece. Because of this, no two slabs of natural stone are purely identical and there also lies its beauty.

Manufactured stone, meanwhile, is made of molded concrete with an additive of artificial colors artfully applied to make each piece resemble a real stone. This product was originally introduced mid-century as a lighter alternative for traditional full bed masonry stone. The original material was 4-inch thick and the only option available for stone construction material before the invention of the commercial stone saw. Today, natural stone can be cut into thin stone veneers but that hasn't stopped the popularity of manufactured stone from soaring as well.

Visual Attributes

Natural stone is easily recognizable to the trained eye since no two stones are exactly alike. If you prefer to let the beauty of natural stone showcase itself, then this particular characteristic is an advantage on your part. On the other hand, manufactured stones are often more uniform in appearance. This appearance alludes to the fact that manufactured stone can be mass-produced. Additionally, both materials are available in a range of designs and colors. But since manufactured stone is only made to look like the real stuff, it doesn’t look as polished and as genuine as real stone.


Natural stone is often more expensive than its manufactured counterpart and that’s because the material is harder to source. Maintenance and installation costs for natural stone can also be quite high depending on what type of stone you get and what it’s used for. Meanwhile, manufactured stone costs less in every aspect and that is why it is still highly sought after.

There are a lot more attributes that can be weighed to decide between the two products. For instance, color fading due to exposure to the elements is an issue for both materials, but it is a bigger issue for manufactured stone since it deteriorates faster. Natural stone is also easier to customize because it looks the same inside and out. Meanwhile, manufactured stone can't be cut because it exposes the aggregate edge and you have to hide it. With that said, both materials are excellent choices. It all depends on which you prefer overall and how much you are willing to spend.

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