Masonry Construction – What Are Its Benefits?

Posted on: June 29, 2020

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When they say something is “built to last a lifetime”, most of the time it’s just for the benefit of marketing a product to make people overlook shoddy quality. However, when something is proven to be truly built to last a lifetime, you also get a lifetime of benefits. That’s what you get when masonry construction is executed to its perfect form by artists who have mastered their craft. After all, what is a building if not a piece of liveable art? So if you are after quality in its purest form, hire the best brick contractors to build you a home that’s built to last generations. In Tulsa, OK, this is made possible with the help of Brick 1 Masonry.

Now, why is masonry construction popular and what benefits can you get from this type of construction? Here are just some of them.

  • Weather Resistance

Exterior walls of masonry construction are extremely durable and can withstand heavy storms. It also holds up very well with extreme cold and heat which makes it ideal for various locations and projects. So if you’re after durability, consider masonry construction for your home. Think about it, how often do you see masonry repairs around Tulsa? Not that often because they’re not easily damaged. 

  • Fire Protection

Masonry materials are non-combustible which makes masonry construction ideal for fire prevention. Just take a look at your fireplace. It’s made with the same fire-proof materials.

  • Soundproof

If you value your privacy and would want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city, masonry construction is perfect for you. The materials block out sounds from outside of your home, ensuring that you get to enjoy blessed silence and a good night’s sleep. In turn, your neighbors also won’t be disturbed if you plan to host parties once in a while.

  • Aesthetics

If you’re after a rustic or elegant look for your home, masonry is an excellent choice. Many structures with classic and timeless designs are built with masonry. With the right materials and the expertise of the contractors you hire, you can add a touch of unique elegance to your home.

  • Protection from pests and mold

Unlike homes made primarily of wood, masonry will protect your home from various bugs, mold, fungus, and rot. Those things commonly cause a lot of damage to a home, effectively shortening its lifespan. With masonry, however, you will have a home with a longer lifespan than any other building type. 

Masonry structures are also mostly maintenance-free unlike many other types of structures. And since they provide excellent insulation, they can help lower utility bills. Increasing resale value is another benefit that can be added to the bunch. Now, as it was mentioned above, Brick 1 Masonry is your top choice if you want your very own home to be built by the best brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. Start by getting in touch with us by dialing 918-698-3573 or 918-935-4211. You can also send us an email at Tell us your vision and we’ll do the rest.