Masonry Repair in Tulsa: Advantages of a Concrete Parking Lot

Posted on: May 16, 2022

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Concrete parking lot

As oil and petroleum products become more expensive, it is increasingly important to consider alternatives that do not require these inputs. Concrete is a major consideration in this regard. Masonry construction doesn't only consist of stone and brick and brick and mortar buildings, but road paving as well.

The primary benefit of concrete is it’s more affordable than it used to be, and it’s still as strong as it has always been. Its strong suits are its maintenance is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and can have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These are the same factors to consider when undertaking masonry repair in Tulsa.

The Benefits of a Concrete Parking Lot

Low-Cost Construction

Concrete parking lots can be built for less cost than an asphalt parking lot. It’ll need fewer materials combined for the sub-base or the layer of aggregates below the pavement. Compared to a decade ago, contractors are now using high-tech laser screed paving equipment for their masonry services.

This results in significant production output in a short amount of time. It means per square foot savings for the parking lot owner than if he used asphalt. Seal coating and overlays are no longer needed on concrete blocks and pavements.

Less Maintenance Expense

Concrete parking lots require little maintenance and are considerably cheaper to operate in the long term. The only required upkeep is washing oil stains and scrubbing walls blackened by car exhaust, which can be done with minimal staff. Weather elements are also no problem for concrete pavements compared to asphalt dealing with water damages.

Stronger and Lasts Longer

Concrete parking lots are inherently stronger, constructed in a timely manner, and more stable. It’s one of the reasons why masonry contractors in Tulsa highly recommend the use of concrete. Inch-per-inch, this material is about 20 to 30 percent stronger than asphalt pavements.

Although it's not totally safe from the freeze-thaw cycle of surfaces exposed to elements, concrete doesn’t develop cracks the way asphalt does. In the face of heavy-duty traffic or a regular amount of vehicles that may spike occasionally, it becomes a practical option to choose superior materials for the longevity of the project.


Concrete is made of cement, sand, and stone which is a green mix for construction. It’s free of chemicals and is recyclable. Because concrete absorbs less heat, it naturally lowers the temperature of the space it covers during summer and does a great job of lessening cooling costs. Unlike asphalt, oil isn't needed which seeps into the ground.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete easily grabs attention. It reflects light, projects a brighter look, and can even be a canvas for artwork, an advertising pitch, or a brand logo. An enhancement of the overall design of a parking lot by going for a certain color, added material, or desired pattern is also easier to carry out. You can consult with brick contractors in Tulsa, OK for unusual features like these.

The Right Contractor is the Key

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