Masonry Repair in Tulsa: What are Block Walls?

Posted on: October 18, 2021

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When doing wall construction, there are a lot of materials that you could choose from. The most popular option would be concrete due to its advantages. Block walls consist of unreinforced prefabricated blocks, which are commonly used as Quay walls. But now it could also be used for building houses for durability.
To have a sturdy and durable block wall, you’ll need to hire a trustworthy masonry contractor. We at Brick 1 Masonry can build you a durable block wall that could last for years without any issues. Other than building block walls, we also offer masonry repair in Tulsa.

During the construction process, the block wall should remain stabilized to avoid additional building constraints. There are a lot of perks of having a block wall for your building or property, and these are:

1. Durable
Compared to homes built with poured concrete or wood, block masonry walls are stronger and sturdier. It can withstand powerful winds making it ideal for people living in areas that are prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.

2. Fire-Resistant
Unlike homes made of wood that are flammable, and poured concrete homes that could crack and crumble under extreme weather conditions. Concrete blocks are made with inflammable materials that help prevent the spread of fire. It can also withstand cold and hot temperatures.

3. Sound-Proof
If constructed properly, block walls could even block most of the sound along with well-insulated doors and windows. This is perfect for those who live in a busy neighborhood. Call us, your trusted brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, if you want to upgrade your home’s sound-proofing capacity.

4. Energy-Efficient
Unlike home walls that are made of iron sheets, wood, and other lightweight material. Masonry block walls provide higher thermal insulation, which helps reduce the energy cost of heating and cooling appliances.

5. Resist Vermin and Insects
Block walls that have thicker mass and are harder compared to other materials make them inedible for insects and vermin. It also prevents the insects from making pathways through the concrete.

Rather than using cheap lighter construction materials, you should consider using a higher quality as it’ll help you save money in the long run. It also prevents constant maintenance in the future. We at Brick 1 Masonry have experienced brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. Therefore, we assure you that we’ll only provide you with pristine and satisfying masonry and construction service. Give us a call now at 918-698-3573/918-935-4211.