Questions to Ask Your Potential Masonry Contractor – Part 2

Posted on: May 18, 2021

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In our previous blog, we’ve talked about questions you should ask your potential masonry contractor. But since there are many areas that need to be covered and you (as a property owner) should cover your bases well before deciding on which contractor to hire, we’ve decided to expand on this topic. To make sure you are making an informed decision that you won’t regret, make sure your research is complete and continue to ask questions before ultimately hiring masonry or brick contractors in Tulsa, OK.


Hiring masonry or brick contractors can cost a significant amount of investment depending on what project you are about to begin. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that you are hiring the right people for the job. To do so, it is only right that you should be thorough in asking industry-specific questions to put you at ease and enure that you will be working with experienced professionals. After all, masonry requires specialized skills that not every contractor has. Whether it’s building masonry structures from scratch or simply getting masonry repair in Tulsa, you will be needing experts to get the job done right.


Do They Offer Guarantees?

Reliable masonry contractors will stand behind their work and offer guarantees or warranties to reinforce their claim that their craftsmanship will be able to stand the test of time. And in case something happens before the guarantee term ends, they will be accountable for it.

Will They Clean Up Once the Work is Done?

Masonry jobs are about doing a thorough job from beginning to end. And professional masonry contractors will always be prepared to leave your property in the same condition they found it in. This will also be good to know so you know what to prepare for.

Are They Experienced in Mortar Color Matching

When doing masonry repair, it is important to match the original color of the mortar so the repaired areas do not look out of place. Some masons do not specialize in this area and will require the help of specialized masons. To save money, it's best to work with only one masonry contractor so make sure that the one you are working with is also experienced in this area.

Will They Match My Brick?

When it comes to brick repair, there are specific styles that are no longer available since the production has already been discontinued. This is especially true for older homes. If that's the case, you should find contractors who will take the time to visit multiple brickyards to find a style that will best match your existing bricks. Sometimes, skilled masons will also go through the trouble of painting and dying bricks to make sure they match your existing ones.

What is the Payment Schedule?

Most homeowners would want to know this, so it's important to discuss the terms before proceeding with the project. This is so you can make sure that you and your contractors are both on the same page and have similar expectations. Some may ask for upfront payment of half the cost to cover the cost of materials while the rest would be paid in installments. But a good rule to follow would be to never pay in full until you are sure that the work is satisfactory for you.

Now, if you want to make sure that your project proceeds smoothly and ends with outstanding results, hire our masonry or brick contractors in Tulsa, OK at Brick 1 Masonry, and you can trust us to take care of everything from start to finish.