Should I Build using Bricks?

Posted on: November 14, 2017

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Building a home requires a lot of thought and preparation. Before even undertaking such a task, a lot of things need to be decided. This will ensure that the building and the project itself will continue no matter what is encountered. This is due to a clear vision of what the finished product should be and how to achieve that. One of the biggest considerations you will have when building your home would be to determine if you would like to build it using bricks or if you would like to build it using mostly wood. Brick of course being the more durable, is my way to go. Getting in touch with a brick contractor in Tulsa OK is a must! Brick 1 Masonry rises above the competition as our experience and finished work speaks for itself.

Our growth has been wonderful as we have learned that more and more people are wanting to build longer lasting homes. Our ability to make this happen has been a boon to them and of course to us as our business has grown more than we ever envisioned. We have built our company on certain givens:

  • Reliability – when taking on a job, we study it closely and determine if we can do it. If the answer is yes, we then check if we have all the equipment that is needed to make it happen in a timely manner. If the answer is again yes, then that is the only time we confirm that we can do the job. We don’t want to bite off more than we can chew and end up disappointing customers.
  • Professionalism – our Service Professionals are polite and treat your place as if it were their own and thus take extra care in getting things done.
  • Quality – We take pride in our skill to provide top of the line work. Thus we strive to get the job done right the first time.

You might think, should I build a brick home? Do I really need brick contractors in Tulsa OK?Let us provide you with some advantages of building a home like we do:

  • Bricks are great in cold climates – they retain heat and stay warm longer.
  • Bricks protect exceedingly well against storms.
  • Bricks raise property value and as such, insures well. Due to this, the property can easily be resold.
  • Bricks are fireproof.
  • Bricks are termite-free.
  • Bricks are energy efficient. Although construction costs are higher with bricks, it pays off in energy savings over time.

You might want a combination of both brick and wood in the construction of your home. This is also a good choice as this provides you with flexibility on building costs and appearances. Bottom line is to get with your brick contractor in Tulsa OKBrick1 Masonry and let them know what you want to happen and they will help you every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance. They will advise you on where such combinations of brick and wood would work providing a better balance for your home. Once your home is done, ain’t no one will huff and puff and blow your house down!

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