Stucco and Its Best Uses

Posted on: November 17, 2020

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Stucco is popular for having a lot of construction benefits. Some of which are its extreme durability, resistance to both fungi and rot, and its minimal need for maintenance. These characteristics make it widely used by contractors in the masonry industry because not only does it require minimal repairs, it can last for up to 100 years and more. So if you’re planning a construction project and you want to make sure that you won’t be spending too much on masonry repair in Tulsa in the long run, choose stucco as your preferred material. But what is stucco and what is it made of?

Simply put, stucco is a common term for a siding material composed of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water. However, there are also other stucco options made from a variety of raw materials. This cement plaster is mixed on-site and can be applied to either the interior or exterior surface of a building. It can also be used on different surfaces such as concrete and plaster which makes it an ideal choice for brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. It is applied either manually or with the use of a machine.

Now, what are stucco’s best uses?


Due to its many positive qualities, it is most often used as a form of siding for home exteriors. Since it can withstand a variety of different climates, this type of material can be used pretty much anywhere. It is also more affordable compared to other types of siding materials. It is fire-resistant and it retains color pigment extremely well. It can be used as a siding for cinder blocks, concrete, adobe, and clay bricks. Stucco provides excellent insulation for both warm and cool air. This means, it becomes easier to maintain a constant temperature in your home and you will have lower electrical bills as well.

Decorative Coating

Because of stucco’s versatility and its beautiful finish, it can be used as a decorative coating for ceilings, walls, and building exteriors. And because it retains color pigment extremely well, it can be used to match any color the homeowner wants. If you want to mimic other siding materials without actually buying them, stucco can be made to resemble a variety of different materials, even wood. It is also used to cover construction materials that are less visually appealing. These materials are concrete, clay brick, metal, cinder block, and adobe.

Now, if you want stucco as your siding material or even as a decorative coating, always seek the help of professionals no matter how tempted you are to do the work yourself. This is because stucco application can be tricky and if done improperly, it can lead to several problems in the future. So if you want quality work from brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, choose us at Brick 1 Masonry today! From consulting, planning, construction, and even maintenance work, we will walk you every step of the way. Call us today at 918-698-3573 or 918-935-4211 to schedule an appointment. To keep you and our employees safe, we strictly follow health protocols and hand hygiene.