The Art of Stucco: A Timeless Exterior Finish for Your Home

Posted on: January 19, 2024

stucco home exterior finish

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The Art of Stucco: A Timeless Exterior Finish for Your Home

Stucco Wall


Everything has its beauty, they say. However, not everyone can see it. Not everyone is fond of or can appreciate the beauty and benefits of stucco and Tulsa’s masonry designs. In certain areas across the United States, it is still popular for its superior and extraordinary advantages. Known for its durability, earthquake resistance, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, stucco is popular in Southwest regions of the United States, where there are desert-like weather conditions. 

If you have recently taken a liking to or started appreciating the art of stucco, this blog can help you choose which is best for your home and which type of stucco suits your preferences. 

Cat Face Stucco Finish

Also known as Montalvo or California, this type of stucco finish has a distinctive, simple, but elegant feature with small, rough patches and large, smooth areas. These are scattered throughout, and you can add color streaks or blotches. Moreover, you can customize this type of stucco finish to suit the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Sand or Float Stucco Finish

This type of stucco finish is used to create different textured appearances, such as fine, medium, grainy, or coarse, depending on the type of sand you use. A sand stucco finish can hide unsightly imperfections and give your home a classic look. Additionally, you can easily repair damaged sand stucco. 

Santa Barbara

If you are into a fine and elegant finish, the Santa Barbara stucco finish can be your best option. This type is known for its natural and speckled look, with its semi-smooth and irregular finish resembling the unpainted and natural-looking Spanish-style houses.


The dash or roughcast style stucco finish is most homeowners’ favorite and most popular choice. This type of finish is known for its highly textured gravel feature, which can be light or dense, depending on your choice. You can create a gritty and bumpy appeal and add pebbles, fine gravel, and shells to achieve your preferred texture. Moreover, its texture matches most types of homes. 

Spanish Lace Finish

The good old Spanish lace stucco finish is quite common for homeowners. Its features are perfect for covering imperfections and flaws, which make them ideal for homes and offices. And just like other types of stucco finishes, you can choose a fine, coarse, or medium-textured Spanish lace finish. 


As the name suggests, this type of stucco has worm styles made of small indentations. The worm finish is applied by hand, making it difficult to obtain the desired results. However, you can go creative and go for a fine, medium, or heavy finish. You can always opt for masonry repair in Tulsa for more professional work.

Smooth Stucco

Just like the Santa Barbara finish, the smooth stucco finish also has a clean and elegant look. This is known as the most complex type of stucco finish and is a time-consuming option as it requires the right expertise to achieve the most desired results. However, despite its complexity, its versatility is its top benefit to homeowners. 

English Stucco

If you are into the element of elegance and sophistication, you can choose an English Stucco finish, which has the antique look done by a heavily brushed-on finish, layered brush strokes, and upward curls. 


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