The Face-off: Brick VS Stucco

Posted on: June 11, 2019

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exposed brick wall

Brick? Or stucco? Since brick and stucco are two of the most common building materials, homeowners would eventually have to choose between them when having a house built or renovated. And that choice certainly isn't that easy to make. So, before going for masonry repair for your Tulsa residence or any type of masonry work, it’s better if you already know which one to pick since that's going to make your life a lot easier. 

You've probably already realized that your decision should not just rely on how good the materials look. A house, after all, is primarily a structure for protecting its occupants from the harsh environment outdoors; not just a display. So if you're choosing between brick and stucco, what are the points that you have to consider?

The first point that most people usually prioritize is cost. It's important for many to know how expensive a building material can be as soon as possible. And if there are less expensive options because it’s true that building and renovating a house both need a huge budget. But, when it comes to brick and stucco, it's going to depend on your priorities.

Brick is cheaper than stucco as a material, but the installation and repairs for it can cost more. When it comes to installing the materials, stucco is easily applied and molded while bricks have to be laid on top of one another one by one. For repairs, cracks and holes on stucco can be easily patched up while damaged bricks need to be replaced completely. So do you want a more affordable material that will have more costs in the long run? Or would you prefer a more expensive material that won’t be so financially demanding later on?

There's also the timeframe to consider. Time is money, so it's just as important as actual cash to many people. With that said, brick contractors in places like Tulsa, OK are already finding new ways to make stacking bricks a lot quicker and more efficient than before. Aside from that, there's also the fact that it's just a one-time use of patience. Meanwhile, traditional stucco needs a lot of waiting time (about a month or so) for just a single layer to be cured. So, imagine how long it'll take for a three-coat stucco with three layers to finish.

There is, however, another more vital point to consider when choosing between stucco and brick for your sidings: location. Believe it or not, these two materials aren't suited for all kinds of environments since they can be prone to different sorts of damage depending on the weather. In Tulsa alone, there are already a lot of nature-related variables that may affect your decision: rain, snow, wildfires, and tornadoes among others, so again, it's up to your priorities. 

Stucco is weak against moisture and wetness. That’s why they're more often seen in the south where it doesn't rain or snow as much. They are also considered by many to be the more practical material if you take moisture out of the equation. Otherwise, bricks are a good option, since it's heavily resistant against both moisture and fire.

Of course, there’s also the aesthetics to consider, although it’s arguably the least of all worries that a homeowner should have. If you’re done considering the previous points and still want to make your decision based on appearance, then go for bricks if you’re up for a traditional and cozy feel. However, go for stucco if you want a more varied and modern style. The advantage of stucco is the fact that it can be painted into different colors and molded into different shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, brick is and will always be a rectangular block of solid despite the recent texture improvements and mortar color combinations being integrated into it.

So, asking that question again: Will you choose brick or stucco? We at Brick 1 Masonry provide both bricks and stucco as options for home building materials. We also provide many other masonry materials since we understand that every homeowner has different priorities and preferences when it comes to their house. Our masonry contractors want to be able to fulfill any and all of that. So if you’re planning to build a house or renovate your home, check out our services through this website and see if they fit your needs. And if you have any questions or requests, feel free to get in touch with us! 

Whatever your choice is, Brick 1 Masonry is the best company to go to for any quality work on installation or masonry repair in Tulsa.

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