The Purpose and Benefits of a Retaining Wall

Posted on: November 10, 2022

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No matter what season it is today, you should consider the importance of having a retaining wall. It’s never too late to plan a home improvement project. A retaining wall is not just another addition that beautifies your landscape, it has a beneficial purpose that includes protection, support, and security. 

Retaining wall installations are not the only things that are important, getting masonry repair in Tulsa is also crucial especially if storms are in season to prevent soil erosion and flooding on your property.

4 Types of Retaining Walls

Before we list down the benefits of walls, let’s talk about the different types of retaining walls to give you an idea of which is best for your landscape.

  • Gravity Retaining Wall

This is the most common type of retaining wall used for landscaping. The wall mainly uses its weight and mass to hold the soil. This is a good option for large residential or commercial landscapes but not for preventing landslides. The wall can pivot and topple over if the weight of the soil is too heavy.

  • Cantilever Retaining Wall

If you are looking for a more reinforced wall than the Gravity wall version, the cantilever method is the perfect option due to its heel slab. In fact, this type of retaining wall is preferred in commercial landscapes, especially those that are built near a mountain. Ask your brick ‌contractors‌ in ‌Tulsa‌, OK if they offer this kind of retaining wall.

  • Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

This method is usually used in high-risk areas like roads and structures built near mountains or next to an ocean. This wall is thinner compared to other retaining walls and is driven into soft soil for more reinforcement.

  • Anchored Retaining Wall

We know how anchors function on ships, which is to keep the ship in place against wind and currents. The same goes for anchored retaining walls. This wall has cables and expanding anchors driven into a rock or soil to prevent the wall from pivoting when the soil gets too heavy. Like sheet piling, this wall is also thin and usually used in commercial areas.

6 Benefits of Retaining Walls in Landscaping

As with many other home improvement projects, retaining wall installation also comes with pros and cons. But today, we’ll focus on the benefits it provides to residential and commercial property owners.

  • Manage Soil Erosion and Flooding

Soil erosion is very common, especially in areas where there is a lot of water. Retaining walls can help keep the soil in place if there are not enough trees and grass to keep it in place. Moreover, you can use these walls for proper drainage by integrating pipes within. 

  • Increase Resale Value

Beautiful landscapes in homes always attract potential buyers. Moreover, a well-maintained landscape will increase a property’s resale value. Invest in retaining walls if you want a beautiful landscape or want to add more value to your home, or maybe both.

  • Security and Boundary

Retaining walls are usually used as flower beds, but they can also be used as a fence to mark your property line from neighbors. It also prevents burglars from invading your property. 

  • Eco-Friendly

Materials used usually consist of brick, stones, limestones, sandstones, or concrete. Aside from using organic materials, the materials cause minimal damage and blend well with the environment. In fact, it helps natural vegetation thrive.

  • Cost-Effective

Retaining walls are very durable making the installation process worth it in the long run. It is low maintenance, enhances the beauty of your property, and increases property value.

  • Attract Customers

Malls, restaurants, parks, and other commercial properties with beautiful landscapes will help attract more people who want to relax and have a good time. If you’re aiming to be the best business in the area, consider enhancing your current landscape.Once you’ve made up your mind about installing a retaining wall with your chosen wall type, talk to reliable brick contractors in Tulsa, OK on how to begin the project. Don’t have a contractor in mind? Give us a call at Brick 1 Masonry! We have highly skilled contractors that can exceed your expectations.