Top Solutions for Common Masonry Problems

Posted on: September 18, 2022

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Top Solutions for Common Masonry Problems


Whether your home and walls are made out of brick, cement, or drywall, problems will always occur that will need fixing. So we’ll focus on the common masonry problems that homeowners and contractors face. In the event of a major problem, you’ll need to hire a professional for masonry repair in Tulsa to make sure everything is handled accordingly.

DIY can also be an option, however, prepare yourself for the possible consequences that could exacerbate the problem. It’s understandable that saving money from costly repairs is considered, but you and your family’s safety should be prioritized. It can be a nightmare when issues occur in your home’s structure, so we prepared a helpful guide on how to solve them.

Preparation is a Must

When building a house, you’ll have to hire an engineer, a contractor, and an architect. This is to make sure that high-quality materials are used and installed properly throughout the process. Moreover, they usually provide a warranty so they’ll be held liable for the structure’s issues within the warranty period.

So if your home’s construction has exceeded the warranty period, you’ll have to prepare financially for future home issues, especially if you’re planning to stay for decades. Simple masonry construction such as flower beds, stairs, and such sometimes don’t have a warranty. If that is the case, the more necessary it is to prepare money for a masonry repair in Tulsa.

5 Masonry Issues We Commonly Face

Although masonry construction is as strong and durable as concrete, the problems and damages it encounters can differ slightly. Especially if the damages are caused by extreme storms such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and others.

Let’s list some of the common issues that masonry-built buildings suffer from:

1. Appearance of Efflorescence
Efflorescence forms on bricks during the cold and wet season and it is commonly mistaken as mold. This isn’t the case because mold grows on organic materials while efflorescence forms on lime and masonry cement.

To fix this issue, you can simply brush the bricks with a steel or stiff brush and wash the surface with a cleaning solution.

2. Accumulation Algae Growth
Surely, most of us are aware that algae growth is common on brick and concrete surfaces. Just like efflorescence, you can simply brush the algae off with a stiff brush and water. You can also use a pressure washer to exert less effort.

3. Protruding Walls
Compared to those previously mentioned, bulging walls can’t be simply brushed off. This problem is usually caused by mortar deterioration, water infiltration, rusting on anchors, or shifting exterior claddings. In this case, you should call a reliable contractor to make the necessary repairs.

4. Deterioration of Mortar
Bulging walls can be also caused by poor-quality mortar or degraded mortar. As soon as you notice your mortar degrading after a decade or more, contact your contractor as soon as possible. Brick 1 Masonry is more than ready to help out its clients.

5. Cracks on Bricks
Sometimes, no matter how strong and durable a wall is, it can still get cracks due to earthquakes or soil erosion. It can also be caused by faulty foundations. Once you’ve seen huge cracks on your brick home’s walls, make sure to have them fixed by a professional immediately to avoid future casualties.

Listed above are just some of the most common issues you see on brick walls, some are minor and some can be quite dangerous if neglected. Fortunately, at Brick 1 Masonry, you can fix some issues in your home’s interior or exterior without breaking the bank.

So if you ever find cracks, chipped bricks, degrading mortar, and such on your home or building, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll send you our best brick contractors in Tulsa, OK.