Upgrade Your Building with These Unique Techniques and Designs in Brick Masonry

Posted on: April 26, 2023

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Upgrade Your Building with These Unique Techniques and Designs in Brick Masonry

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Brick masonry is an art form for building structures that has been practiced for centuries. These clay blocks that are rectangular-shaped and hardened in a kiln have been used for building homes, walls, and buildings. It’s known for its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. In Tulsa, stone and brick works are used in construction, and they’re ready to help in consultation, building, and even maintenance.

While the basic principles of bricklaying may be timeless, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for innovation. As a matter of fact, there are unique techniques and designs in brick masonry that are worth exploring. Alas, many of them have more to do with pictures than helpful descriptions. So, I chose seven designs that clearly depict how the outcome would be.

Flemish Bond

This bricklaying method is well-liked for its artistic appeal. Each course of bricks in this method is made up of alternating headers and stretchers. They’re put in a way that gives the bricks a distinct, checkerboard-like appearance. Brickwork with features like arches, columns, and corbels frequently uses the Flemish bond.

Basket Weave Bond

The visual attractiveness of the basket weave bond makes it a favored style. By alternately placing pairs of bricks in horizontal and vertical locations, the bricks are set in a pattern that resembles a basket weave. This brickwork process is stunning for walls. It’s also stylish for patios and other exterior features in the backyard.

English Bond

Another preferred bricklaying method is the English bond. Each course of bricks in this method is made up of headers or stretchers, with the course of headers alternating with stretchers as it goes. This method is used for walls and other load-bearing constructions since it produces a sturdy and stable structure.

Herringbone Bond

Here is a style that is considered chic for its artistic appeal. It involves zigzagging the bricks while angling each one at a 45-degree angle to produce a herringbone pattern. The herringbone bond is good for patios, walks, and other outdoor structures. You can easily find experts in masonry and commercial concrete work in Tulsa, OK.

Soldier course

This is a vertically laid course of bricks in a wall. Bricks stand in a row like soldiers, with their long and narrow sides exposed. The soldier course is used as a decorative head detail for windows and doors or as an accent band within brick facades. The color can be changed by the architect for a more dramatic effect.

Bullnose Brick

This is a unique kind of brick with one, a few, or all the corners rounded. It’s not a bricklaying technique. Rather, it’s used for ornamental purposes. The curved corners give the overall design a polished and elegant ambiance. The bullnose brick gives walls and steps a very decorative touch.

Flemish Garden Wall Bond

Here is a bricklaying process that is favored for its artistic appeal. The bricks are arranged in a way that results in an eye-catching appearance. It’s just right for a garden wall, planters, and other garden features. Flemish Garden Wall Bond is usually used to enhance the decorative appeal outside the house.

The Takeaway

These methods, materials, and layouts will surely strike owners of homes and buildings in different ways. They're a tribute to the ingenuity of bricklayers all over the world. Who knows what cutting-edge methods they'll develop next? There is no end to the possibilities with brick masonry. That much is certain. Tulsa stone and brick works are proofs of this.

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