What Are the Different Types of Masonry Construction?

Posted on: October 5, 2023

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What Are the Different Types of Masonry Construction?

Brick Masonry Construction


Masonry construction is an age-old building method that has been used for millennia to make strong and beautiful structures. It entails placing discrete components—typically composed of bricks, stones, or concrete blocks—in mortar to form walls, facades, or even entire buildings.

In Tulsa, stone and brickwork offer a wide range of applications because of the variety of materials, designs, and building methods available. Let’s examine the many masonry construction styles and the unique qualities that set them apart.

Brick Masonry

The most popular type of masonry construction is brick masonry. This is a common choice for both structural and decorative applications due to the uniformity of bricks and the accuracy with which they can be laid. It’s used for structures, walls, and facades because of its strength, fire resistance, and architectural flexibility.

Stone Masonry

Building with natural stones like granite, limestone, or sandstone is known as stone masonry. It’s a time-tested method. Depending on the intended aesthetic, these stones are either carved into regular shapes or used as-is. There are two categories of stone masonry:

  • Rubble Masonry – In this design, mortar is used to stack stones of varying sizes and shapes. It’s frequently used for garden walls, historic repairs, and conventional buildings because of its natural appearance.
  • Ashlar Masonry – A regular pattern is made by shaping stones in exact sizes. Cathedrals are examples of the many historic and architectural masterpieces that utilize this style.

Concrete Block Masonry

A new modification of masonry building is concrete block masonry. These are pre-cast concrete blocks used in place of organic materials like bricks or stones. Brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, also prefer this method because it’s low cost, quick to make, and known for its load-bearing strength.

Reinforced Masonry

This type of masonry blends stone, concrete, or brickwork with steel reinforcement. A strong, load-bearing structure made of masonry and steel is ideal for high-rise structures and bridges in earthquake-prone areas because it can sustain significant stresses.

Brick Veneer

In this type of construction, bricks are laid against another structural material, like concrete or wood framing. While providing insulation, it gives the impression of conventional brick masonry. Brick veneer is often used in residential construction. It gives the impression of a brick wall with less weight and expense.

Cavity Wall Construction

A two-layered wall with a space in between is what this type of masonry construction is. The outer layer acts as a protective shell, the inner layer supports the weight, and the cavity provides insulation and prevents moisture from getting to the internal wall. This design is commonly used in areas with harsh climates.


Masonry Construction – The Real Deal

When using masonry construction, you can choose your architectural adventure from a set list of building alternatives. There is always a design to fit your personality, whether you prefer the timeless embrace of bricks, the Herculean power of concrete, or the sleek attractiveness of natural stone.

In Tulsa, stone and brickwork come in different types, and they each have a unique set of traits and uses. If you want to know which is best for you, I suggest you reach out to Brick1 Masonry. Call 918-698-3573 or email info@brick1masonry.com.

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