Brick Pattern Layouts for Your Pathway

Posted on: October 20, 2017

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Have you ever found yourself, strolling down a pathway, looking at the way the brick was layed out, and thought to yourself it’s both beautiful and intriguing at the same time? In this lifetime, most of us probably have. We personally love brick layouts that have a specific pattern that looks so meticulously and uniquely laid out. There’s just something so cool about the way bricks fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces, each one positioned just right so that the entire floor is perfectly and evenly covered. Obviously, we are brick contractors in Tulsa OK, thus our enthusiasm for the masonry material. But no one can deny that a perfectly laid out brick floor or wall is beautiful to look at! The unfortunate thing is, most people, when asked about brick patterns, can only think of one type; your standard staggered brick pattern you see used for red bricks. It’s a classic and timeless look of course, so we’re not surprised that it’s what bricks are identified with. But if there’s one thing that brick contractors in Tulsa OK can emphasize, and want to elaborate, is that there are actually many different and unique patterns to choose from. There’s no limit to what you can do with brick!

Basic brick patterns you should know about

1. Herringbone

This pattern is beautiful mainly because of how simple it is. It consists of two bricks laid to create a 45 degree angled ‘V’ shape, to make a succession of V-shaped bricks to build the wall or floor.

2. Pinwheel

This pattern mimics the shape of a pinwheel as one brick is cut in half to create a square, and four other bricks are placed around this to shape another square. It looks almost like tiles laid side by side to create an overall pattern. This is a far more time consuming pattern as it requires the cutting of bricks at a perfect square shape, but it is well-worth the effort with the end result.

3. Basketweave

This pattern looks as it sounds. Two diagonal bricks laid side by side, and the next set of two is laid vertically, and repeated until the surface is completed creating a basketweave looking pattern. This is a popular pattern as it is also extremely easy to repair or restore if needed as the pattern is so simple.

4. Jack-on-Jack

If you’re looking for a minimalist pattern that has a modern feel to it, this is it. The bricks are laid diagonally in symetrical columns, and that’s it. It’s a unique and often under-appreciated pattern, but it definitely makes an impact compared to the common patterns we see used in most constructions.

These are the most common brick pattern layouts along with the popular ‘running bond’ brick pattern we see most often. But with bricks, all we can say is, the possibilities are endless. There are so many different ways to go about using brick. And most brick contractors in Tulsa OK love to get creative with their patterns. But of course, we still love the classic look!

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