Do You Need Masonry Repair? 3 Easy Places to Check!

Posted on: January 8, 2018

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Brick1 Masonry is the leading company of brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. We have served the Oklahoma area in all things masonry and brickwork related for more than six years. Our service professionals are reliable, professional and always deliver 100% quality workmanship the first time, every time. Our whole team is dedicated and continuously making effort to live our dream of being a renowned, reputable, and world-class company of masonry specialists and brick contractors.

Are you a homeowner or a real estate manager and are worried about the integrity of your house and property? Maybe your property has experienced a few tough times in the form of heavy rains, snow, hail, and/or extreme heat? Maybe these conditions have given your house a huge wallop in terms of fire and water damage. You know there’s something wrong with the siding, walls, and/or exterior of your property, you just can’t figure out where to look.

From a common person’s point of view, there are two ways a property can be damaged from natural and man-made conditions. That’s visually, and structurally. Visual damage can mean cracks, malformations, discolorations that we all know and hate, which bring out the inner neat-freak and worrywart within us. Structural damage is much harder to ascertain because it’s usually behind the walls, underground, or in other non-visible parts of your home. People need to understand that both visual and structural damage often come hand-in-hand. If you see a few cracks on your walls, that may mean that your masonry has suffered a beating and is in need of repairs. Visual damage is your house’s way of telling you “I’m hurt, help me.” So how do you inspect these damages?

  1. Check walls. A house’s walls can suffer from cracks in different sizes from small, medium to large. Problems often start from hairline damage, and most homeowners are apt to ignore this. These cracks grow larger and become more of an inconvenience than just a nuisance, as they become bigger and bigger portals for rainwater to leak through, and warmth to seep out of. Think of it like having your AC on in a car with the windows down—it’s just not efficient and costs you valuable resources.
  2. Check driveways and pavements. Easily-cracked driveways and pavements, whether concrete or asphalt, are often because of poor workmanship. The people who install a driveway that is weak and breaks down easily usually skimp out on their clients and use cheap materials in building the driveway’s base. Prevention and integrity assurance lies mostly in installation. Poor quality driveways and pavements can result in damaged cars, pedestrian accidents, and just plain bad-looking visuals. Contact Brick1 Masonry for reliable masonry repair in Tulsa, OK, and we’ll make sure you won’t get low-quality workmanship.
  3. Check your chimney. For those who opt for fireplaces and chimney chutes, we don’t blame you. Fireplaces have an ambiance all on their own aside from keeping you warm during winter, and there’s just something about having a fire burning within the home that makes you all giddy inside. Don’t let your chimney ruin this all by breaking down. Chimney damage usually shows in spalling (or the flaking off of a brick), efflorescence (powdery white reside), water pooling, and other symptoms.

If there’s one point to take home here, it’s that the regular maintenance of your property is much better than having to purchase new things and do large repairs that could have been avoided. It’s more cost efficient and spares you less issues and headaches in the long-run. So be sure to keep an eye out for any pesky damages on your property and masonry, and avail of our expert services in masonry repair in Tulsa by calling 918-698-3573 or e-mail us at info@brick1masonry. We also have a website you can visit at Build with the best, build with Brick1 Masonry!

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