Get Yourself a Concrete Driveway – Here’s why

Posted on: December 18, 2020

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When it comes to your driveway, as it is constantly exposed to the elements, you need to choose a durable material. Your driveway should be strong enough to withstand constant exposure while also being low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. For those reasons, concrete is the best material to choose. However, you have to make sure that your contractors know how to work with that material. Brick 1 Masonry employs expert brick contractors in Tulsa, OK that has vast experience in concrete materials. Choose us, and we will make sure to build you a concrete driveway that will last through the years.

Here are some more reasons why concrete driveways are better:

Durability and Longevity

To get the best benefits from your driveway, choose a material that is durable and long-lasting. After all, you still need to invest a considerable amount for it. Concrete driveways last twice as long as, say, asphalt driveways. They can last for 25 to 50 years depending on the quality of work put in, and that is why you need professional contractors to do the job. Not just that, but concrete driveways can withstand extreme weather changes. That is, as long as it is properly sealed.

Low Maintenance

Regular maintenance not only requires spending a lot of money, but it also takes up time that is better spent doing more important things. Apart from being long-lasting, concrete driveways also require minimal maintenance. Just make sure to have a concrete sealer applied once a year to keep the driveway intact and damage-free. Also, make sure to have it cleaned or power washed now and then so that weeds don’t grow on it. If it does get damaged, though, make sure to hire reliable professionals for masonry repair in Tulsa.


Have you ever envied beautiful and luxurious driveways made of brick or cobblestone? Having a beautiful driveway has lots of benefits; however, you also have to raise your budget if you want luxurious materials. Well, if you’re after saving money, you can get the same aesthetic with stamped concrete. Not only does it copy the look of expensive materials, but it also boosts your curb appeal.

Heat Reflection

Unlike other materials, such as asphalt, concrete absorbs less UV radiation. This keeps your driveway at tolerable temperatures even during the height of summer. Apart from that, concrete’s light reflectance is also higher which reduces lighting requirements and increases energy savings.

Concrete driveways are more affordable when it comes to longevity and can stand up to even the heaviest vehicles. Coupled with the benefits mentioned above, it’s no wonder a lot of homeowners choose to have concrete driveways.

Now, if you’re looking for capable contractors who can build durable and aesthetically-pleasing concrete driveways, choose Brick 1 Masonry. Our brick contractors in Tulsa, OK are not only skilled at laying bricks, but we also work with stamped concrete and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so we can get started with your project.