Intro to the Most Common Types of Natural Stone

Posted on: April 12, 2019

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Finding the right people to do your masonry repair in Tulsa can be a bit troublesome, especially if you’re not sure what kind of material would best suit your house, or what needs to be used for the repairs in your home. If you neglect finding out about the types of materials used in masonry work, then you risk having complications with the people you’re going to hire.

But clients should never experience such complications; as such, you ought to read about this introduction to some of the materials usually used in masonry; specifically natural stones.

But first, what are natural stones?

“Natural stone” is the term used by brick contractors in Tulsa, OK and other people in the masonry industry relating to materials which are harvested from the earth, cut and refined for construction works, but never altered in terms of its physical or chemical compositions. It is the opposite of manufactured stones, which are made in factories, possibly as fusions of natural or man-made components/elements.

Examples of the most common natural stones:

  • Granite

This is one of the most common natural stones used in building structures, especially for the interior. It is an igneous rock known for its hardness. It is resistant to wearing, which makes it perfect as floor material. It is also a popular material for kitchen countertops, being resistant to dirt as well.

  • Limestone

Limestone is categorized into two: soft and hard. The soft limestones are the white and porous ones which are best used for sunny places, usually as outdoor flooring. The hard limestones can be used for areas which are often exposed, thanks to their sturdiness that is similar to granite. 

  • Marble

It’s a metamorphic rock that formed from re-crystallized calcite, usually from limestones which have been subjected to natural high heat or pressure that caused it to change form. Because of that extreme change, marbles turn into a much more durable and denser material than limestone. It’s often used as a decorative element in bathrooms or kitchens, although it is also often used for flooring, usually in the form of honed tiles. It’s a popular material since it never fails to add elegance to a structure, and one can never run out of choices when it comes to its available colors.

  • Onyx

This is a kind of sedimentary rock, a type of limestone that usually formed as stalagmites or stalactites in caves. It is often used for interior counters, wall claddings, and flooring and is available in a wide range of colors.

  • Soapstone

This natural stone contains heavy amounts of talc. It feels like a piece of dry soap when touched or rubbed — a texture softer than most stones that makes it perfect for old-fashioned or rustic looks of kitchen countertops.

  • Slate

This is another metamorphic rock, composed of many different sediments like clay. It has been considered to have a “favorable price” for its quality and has become a common and successful material in the field of masonry. Whether for indoors or outdoors, the slate has been proven to be a smooth and popular finish to structures.


If you’re going to hire someone for masonry repair in Tulsa, your best bet would be a company that works with these common natural stones, and favorably with a whole lot of other materials that could only add to this company’s versatility and adaptability in order to cater to any client’s needs. And with that in mind, you don’t have to look elsewhere, now that you’re here! Brick1 Masonry is already the best company of masonry contractors in Tulsa that works with and have in store a wide variety of natural stone materials. If you hire us to do your masonry, rest assured, you’ll never have to worry about being disappointed. We’ll have whatever material you need, and we can do whatever you need from us. Call us now for the most wonderful masonry experience! With elegant materials such as these natural stones, we are much more than capable turning your house into a dream come true.

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