Patio Ideas for Your Home in Tulsa

Posted on: September 2, 2019

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Whether it's for a masonry repair or new construction, hiring professionals to work on your property is the best way to get the results you want. This is especially true for those living in Tulsa, Oklahoma where many high-quality companies are based. With their credentials, years in service, and depth of experience, you can be confident that everything they do will go your way.

Still, a construction project will always revolve around what you want as the homeowner. At the same time, it revolves around the ideas you have for your house, and these contractors will always look back to those ideas while working. And the same goes for brick patios.

The benefits of having a patio include being able to create an outdoor living space for your family, having a wider space for entertainment, as well as being able to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. If you’re asking, “Does a brick patio increase home value?” then you’ll be happy to know that it does, as the aforementioned benefits can make your property more desirable for many. 

With that said, patio contractors are there to turn your plans into reality, but the idea should come from you. If you’re planning on having a patio built, then here are some great modern patio ideas you could use for your home:

  • Brick Patio Layout and Shapes

Among the most important details you should consider for your outdoor patio is its general shape and layout. This should follow the slope of your property’s lands and would depend on your existing landscaping.

If you want the new addition to your home in Tulsa to seem like the centerpiece of your landscaping, then a circular brick patio is a perfect choice. Brick contractors build this by lining small bricks to form a wheel. Afterward, you can decorate it with a dining area, a fountain, or other types of outdoor furniture that’s just as much of a focal point in your backyard as the circular patio itself.

You may also choose to build a rectangular or square patio — this being the most common shape for such an addition. It adds a formal yet contemporary feel to your property thanks to its straight edges and perpendicular angles. But if you desire a less formal patio area to match an informal garden, then you may also go for free-form patios, characterized by bold curves and an irregular shape pattern.

  • Different Brick Patio Patterns

Another aspect you have to consider when building a brick patio is the pattern you want your brick masonry contractors to line your bricks into. If you’re going for easy installation and a timeless look, then a simple and straight horizontal row of bricks can be your best choice.

However, you can go for a more dynamic design for your brick patio with a herringbone pattern. You’ll know this by the arrangement of the bricks into repeating L’s that makes your patio’s surface look like a fish skeleton. A herringbone patio is also known to have a strong arrangement since the herringbone bricks’ locked arrangement makes them impact-resistant.

You may also go for a basket weave brick pattern. As the name suggests, it’s made by laying the bricks into alternating horizontal and vertical positions, usually two at a time, so that the whole flooring would look woven just like a basket. Because of the extra dimension it adds to your patio, it’s become one of the most popular patterns requested by homeowners, both in and out of Tulsa, to their brickwork contractors.

  • Colors to Integrate into Your Brick Patio Designs

If you thought that patios can only be made with red bricks, then you should reconsider your brick patio ideas. While a pure red brick patio is certainly an easy choice to go for thanks to its classical look, you can also add blue bricks, dark or light gray bricks, or other colors such as orange or even black and grey brick and mix them together. Coordinating brick colors gives a sense of harmony. Also, you can set the atmosphere of your outdoor area depending on what colors you use.

And after you’ve decided on what design and type of patio you’re going for, consulting with brickwork companies should be your next course of action. After all, they’re the ones who know how feasible the project will be.

If you’re looking for the best local experts in Tulsa, then Brick 1 Masonry is the company you should call. Simply contact us at 918-698-3573 or email us at for more information. Feel free to check our website for our list of services as well. We are a team of dedicated brick contractors who have leveled up countless properties through our skills and experience, and we’ll gladly do the same for you by building you a wonderful patio.

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