The Beauty of Indoor Exposed Brick Walls

Posted on: May 1, 2020

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When you read “brick wall”, you might automatically think about brick buildings or brick walls that surround homes and sidewalks in Oklahoma. Well, you’re not wrong. But do you know that brick walls are also great for interior designs? Brick walls are great for adding character to a room because it’s so visible and glaring. And you can design the room with the brick wall as its focal point. Whether you’re after an industrial or rustic look, a brick wall can add beauty and texture. To help you achieve that, hire masonry contractors in Tulsa, OK.

Now, what designs can you achieve with an indoor exposed brick wall? Here are some of them:

Textured Contrast

Instead of covering up the bricks in your bathroom, use them to create a rustic contrast in a modern bathroom. The bathroom can feature an assortment of plain, patterned, or smooth tiles. For example, you can keep the bricks exposed on one wall and have tiles laid around the room. The tiles can have different designs but make sure that everything creates a cohesive look. To make the room more modern, install a new bathtub, update the sink, countertop, and cabinets.

Color Contrast

This is a great design if your brick wall has a strong color like red. Build the room’s design around it using only one or two colors, say like black and white, and keep the focus on the red brick wall. Not only will this help add depth to a narrow space, but it can also add warmth to a monochromatic color palette. Just make sure that the colors all go together. To help you create this design, hire your local masonry contractors in Tulsa, OK.

Painted Brick Wall

If you don’t like the color of your brick wall, update it with paint. You can paint it black to create an interesting accent and a cozy atmosphere. This is great for making wood elements stand out. So if your home has a lot of wooden accents, you can emphasize them even more by painting your brick wall a solid dark color.

Two-tone Bricks

You can make your home look even more rustic by simply having brick walls in your entire living room. One side can have red bricks and the rest can have white bricks or vice versa. Everything else in the room can be more modern to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can add a modern bookshelf, new couches, lampshades, and a carpet to give off a cozy feel.

You can do a lot more with indoor exposed brick walls. The key is knowing how to build the room around it. If you’re having your home built from scratch and you want to include exposed brick walls in your design, hire Brick 1 Masonry. We are expert masonry contractors who also offer masonry repair in Tulsa, OK. So, if you’ve got an idea for your home involving brick walls or any type of masonry, call us to do the job and we will happily get it done.