The Strength in Bricks: Choosing the Right Brickwork for Your Home

Posted on: February 16, 2024

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The Strength in Bricks: Choosing the Right Brickwork for Your Home

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Empires are not built in a single day. So, remember that big things are built one brick at a time. To ensure a sturdy foundation for your empire, you have to choose the right material. If you think that a few years are way too long for you to accomplish an iconic home structure, remember that the Taj Mahal took 21 years to build. Other structures such as Buckingham Palace took 23 years, the St. Peter’s Basilica was built within 144 years, it took about 123 years for the St. Basil’s Cathedral to be built, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa took 199 years. 

If you are looking forward to building the most iconic home of the century, you can make use of the help from certified and professional builders and brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. If you want to learn more about the right bricks to use for your home, read on further and be guided on how to properly select the best brick for your personal preferences.

Understand Your Preferred Homestyle

You cannot just build your home right away without navigating through your preferred home style or the architectural style you want for your home. Having chosen your preferred home style provides an initial sense of direction. If your interest or taste aligns with the popular Hamptons style or Cape Cod, you can go on and customize the design as uniquely as you want.

Learn More About Size, Texture, and Finish

Nothing feels better about designing your home than being equipped with the knowledge and familiarity of things that might play significant roles in achieving the best results. Whether you want your home’s facade to be smooth, glazed, rough, textured, or polished to perfection, you can take your pick! You can also ask and work with your trusted brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, for more professional insights.

Go With Playful Patterns

Go with what is seen as different. As people say, sometimes being different is unique. So go on and choose some patterns that are unusual but embody your personality and character. You can use contrasting bricks with different colors to make the pattern stand out more.

Choosing the Right Bricks

You have to consider looking into the different benefits of bricks. Bricks come in different varieties and have unique properties. Sand lime bricks are made from sand, fly ash, and lime mixtures that are molded under pressure. Burnt clay bricks are another option if you want to give your home a classic feel. Another option you might want to try is burnt clay bricks, but for the highest quality and brick strength, choose the first-class.

You can also try other types of brick you may find interesting to use, such as concrete, engineering, fly ash clay, interlocking, and special-shaped bricks. 


Advantages of Choosing the Right Brick

There are some factors that you have to consider when choosing the right type of brick. When you have chosen the best one that suits your preferences, it will come with a lot of benefits, characteristics, and qualities, such as a strengthened foundation, long-lasting quality, being climate-resistant, aesthetically appealing, and a lot more. Moreover, with the right bricks and the results you so much desire to accomplish, you will be encouraged with your home’s care and maintenance routines.

To achieve the best results in your home building project and make your home last for centuries to come, work with the right people. Reach out to Brick 1 Masonry’s team of highly skilled and master masons in Tulsa, OK. For more inquiries about our most sought-after services, reach us at 918-698-3573.

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