Types of Fireplace Designs for Your Residential Masonry Built Home

Posted on: July 19, 2023

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Types of Fireplace Designs for Your Residential Masonry Built Home

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Welcome to the world of fireplace designs. It’s where brickwork blends with artistry and transforms your home. A fireplace is a practical part of the house that offers warmth and charm. In Tulsa, stone and brickwork can be used to combine contemporary layouts with traditional workmanship.

There are many different designs to choose from. Each creates a different mood to match your house. It could either be old-world fashion that radiates elegance or a modern style that embraces minimalism. Let’s look at the various types that will make you feel good.

Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplace

The conventional wood burner is a time-honored option for masonry-built homes since it’s a true replica of vintage coziness. This style of fireplace is built with sturdy materials like brick or stone and frequently has a big hearth and mantle, giving off a rustic appeal that’s ideal for family get-togethers and winter evenings.

Gas Insert Fireplace

A gas insert fireplace is great for people who enjoy the charm and comfort of a fire but want it to be easy to start and not hard to maintain. It can even be a stone fireplace with gas inserts. With that, you’ll have the best of both worlds, a conventional hearth with a convenient fire.

Contemporary Linear Fireplace

This modern style is characterized by clear lines, streamlined finishes, and a minimalistic design. It has a lengthy, narrow hole that results in an exquisitely long row of flames. Due to the adaptability of the linear fireplace, it may serve as the living room's center point or a chic room divider.

See-Through Fireplace

A two-sided fireplace that warms rooms on both sides can increase the feeling of openness in your home. This layout provides a clear view of the flames from the area on either side. It’s a flexible interior design with a warm focal point. You can ask brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, about this innovative concept.

Corner Fireplace

Make the most of the layout of your living area with a corner fireplace. It can be a conventional design with a twist. You’ll end up with a corner fireplace that can turn an unattended space in the home into a compelling refuge. The style, whether you choose traditional or modern, has the makings of a winner.

Rumford Fireplace

The Rumford fireplace is an 18th-century design named after its architect, Count Rumford. It’s a narrow fireplace that effectively radiates heat into the room. A Rumford fireplace is perfect for homeowners who value a historical aura and practical effectiveness. Its design has the ability to maximize heat.

Outdoor Fireplace

A masonry-built outdoor fireplace will allow you to extend the warmth and comfort of a fireplace into your outdoor living area. Whether tucked away in a patio corner or placed as the focal point of an outdoor lounge, it fosters a welcoming environment for outdoor gatherings.

Where Warmth Meets Art

When choosing a fireplace design, different types are available to suit masonry-built homes. You can go for the traditional wood burner, the clean lines of a linear fireplace, a gas insert hearth, one that’s see-through, a Rumford fireplace, or an outdoor setup. In Tulsa, stone and brickwork can be made to fit any of them.

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