Why Use Natural Stones in Building Constructions?

Posted on: June 18, 2022

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Stone masonry

The basic building ingredient of one’s dream house or fancy shop is the vision. Everything else is the components of how that concept takes shape: concrete, steel, wood, brick, and mortar. The longest-lasting among them is stone. Ancient structures all over the world that are still around today are made of stone.

The plus factors for its use are many, but builders have to be aware of special considerations in its use. One, right off the bat, is masonry‌ ‌repair‌. In Tulsa, that service is easy to find as Brick 1 Masonry is well known in the area.‌ ‌Let’s do a deep dive on the use of stone as the basic ingredient of that dream you want to build.

The Benefits of Using Natural Stones

Aside from longevity, there are other things that you can gain from using natural stones for masonry construction. This includes:

  • Durability & Cost-Effectiveness

It goes without saying that there’s no other material that’s as sturdy as stone. Structures made of natural stone have lasted for centuries and remained safe for their dwellers. This is a substance that doesn’t bend, dent, or swell. On top of that, stones are not affected by the elements and are impervious to damages that may be brought about by weather conditions like rain, snow, or severe summer heat. A home that’s made of stone is also generally safe from insect infestation.

Natural stone may cost more but in the long run, that initial price tag will be offset by its little to no cost for upkeep and value. Another advantage is that it doesn’t need painting.

  • Aesthetics

The core design provided by natural stone as the basic building material guarantees an attractive look. Stone gives more opportunities for the owner and contractor to be creative as it comes in various range of colors, textures, and sizes. You can mix and match them to a level of creativity that you can’t do with cement and steel and wood. Installing brick and wood also have the same advantage. You can easily find stone and brick contractors in Tulsa OK.

  • Environment Friendly

There is no negative impact on the environment when it comes to getting and processing natural stones for masonry work. This makes it a great ecological choice compared to artificial products. It's also highly recommended for energy-saving. It soaks up the heat in the daytime and then uses it to warm the home in the evening. And at night, natural stone cools up and keeps the house comfortable when the sun’s already up.

  • Easy Maintenance

Unlike a cement, wooden, or brick wall that needs to be painted over once in a long while to look new again, natural stone needs little to no upkeep. Additionally, stone doesn’t chip, bend, or scratch which makes it an excellent material as it doesn’t take much effort to maintain. Natural stone has that beauty to it that lasts a lifetime.

Skilled Masonry Is What You Need

To be able to make your dream home come true, you'll need a reliable masonry contractor in Tulsa. We at Brick 1 Masonry have the capability to bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us for consultation.

And after a tried-and-tested relationship in construction, you can continue working with us on maintenance work. Masonry repair in Tulsa is at your beck and call. Build the home of your dream or give your property an upgrade with our professional masonry services.