Wood VS Masonry: Why The Latter Is More Beneficial For You And Your Wallet!

Posted on: November 16, 2018

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With the high prices taking their toll on American citizens these days, it’s common to see people opting NOT to hire a masonry contractor for their homes and instead, settle for the usual general contractor. It’s totally understandable to go for the more convenient option. But what most people do not see are the benefits that one can get when hiring a masonry specialist, both for construction and masonry repair in places like Tulsa as well as in other areas across the country. There are numerous advantages of hiring one for your home, and here are the top 5 reasons why you should do it:

Water Damage

Alright, so you’re opting to build your home from the ground up, or maybe you want to add some new features to your house, or you simply wish to improve your humble abode. So, you hire a contractor to do the job. The thing is, majority of the materials used for such construction would usually be made of wood, and we all know how wood reacts to prolonged exposure to water.

If you’re one who lives in Tulsa or other fairly rainy areas, you’d be worrying about wood rot in the future. This will only lead you to spend more on repairs you’re not ready for. That is why hiring a masonry contractor would be a better option for you. Instead of wood, masonry contractors usually use stone and brick which are materials that are not susceptible to water damage. This means you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary repairs brought about by water as it simply trickles down to the ground, leaving the masonry work unaffected for decades to come.


The environment is becoming a huge concern these days. And with home improvement steadily on the rise, the use of natural resources is at an all-time high. What makes masonry work sustainable is how the materials can be reused. Now you might argue that wood is also sustainable. Well, yes, it is sustainable, but given its susceptibility to water, wood would have to be coated with paint and other protective chemicals to make it last longer. Some wood materials can’t even be reused after it’s been treated with water-resistant chemicals. Contrarily, masonry materials, particularly stones, do not need any protective covering as their natural structures are strong enough to handle the forces of nature without succumbing to any damage. There’s no need for further prep work such as sanding, base coating, and sealing, all of which involves using chemicals and other components that could damage the environment in the process.

Maintenance Costs

Let’s go back to water damage. If the exterior of the house is made of wood, there is a high chance that the wood will eventually rot away as it is exposed to different natural elements like rain and snow. You would end up repairing the damaged area if not the whole surface, depending on the structure. This maintenance cost may seem relatively cheap, but such repairs are a lot more frequent with wood houses than masonry-built homes. In the long run, using wood is less cost-effective than stone, given that wood requires more repairs and maintenance. As for stones and bricks, ask any specialists for masonry repair in Tulsa and they’ll say your choice of using wood is not cost-effective. As we all know, stone is a very sturdy material and isn’t easily damaged. For this reason, opting for stonework, or even brickwork, instead of the regular wood installation will not only save you more money in the long run but will also eliminate the concern of the structure getting damaged any time soon.

Resale Value

Masonry work is considered as ancient as its characteristic materials which have been used to develop buildings that are not only built to last but also built to appeal to people. The materials used, as discussed earlier, are hardy and will last a long time. Considering these factors, your house will benefit more from masonry work than it will from wood in terms of resale value. Having a naturally appealing structure that boasts a sound construction can help you demand a higher value when you decide to sell your home in the future. Need we say more?

Lower Insurance Bill

Any homeowner would be wise enough to insure their home. In this regard, the problem that homeowners face would be the cost of their insurance. If you don’t know, your insurance provider will estimate your home insurance bill based on how structurally sound your house is. If you compare a wooden house to a brick- or stone-built home, the insurance bill will be cheaper for the latter. That’s because insurance providers gauge the likeliness of your home sustaining damages. And as discussed earlier, there is a higher tendency for wooden homes to get damaged as compared to stone or brick structures. So if you want to make your insurance cheaper and save more in the process, masonry work is the way to go.

The benefits of hiring a professional masonry contractor to handle brickwork or masonry repair surpass that of employing someone to do the usual wood build. If you want to ease up on the worries and expenditures associated with your wood house, give masonry a try. We at Brick 1 Masonry can provide you with those same benefits discussed above and more! Whether it’s brickwork or masonry repair for your Tulsa home, we are more than capable of handling the job. All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email. You can also send us a message by visiting our CONTACT US page and filling up the form. If you want to get the most out of your home investments, choose Brick 1 Masonry today!

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