Tulsa Masonry and Brickwork Construction Information, Ideas and Suggestions

Everything You Need to Know About Stucco

Posted on: February 21, 2019

Stucco is a common finish for most home constructions and can be vital not only for a house’s overall look but also for its protection. But since it is known to need the personal touch of a professional, the decision in finding someone to properly do your stucco in Tulsa, OK needs a lot of […]


Latest Brick Patterns for Your Walkway this 2019

Posted on: January 18, 2019

Let’s talk about walkways. Whenever we talk about a homeowner’s property, rarely does the word walkway ever get mentioned. Why? Well, there’s nothing much to talk about it other than it’s made of concrete or stone slabs that guide people to the entrance of the home. But, is it really all there is to walkways? […]


Solid Vs. Veneer Masonry: The Pros And Cons

Posted on: December 21, 2018

Brick contractors, not only in Tulsa, OK, but all around the world would agree that masonry work is a type of construction that is lauded in its beauty and stability. Masonry these days have evolved from the masonry we knew back in ancient times. Nowadays, the technicalities that come with masonry cannot be denied. But […]


Wood VS Masonry: Why The Latter Is More Beneficial For You And Your Wallet!

Posted on: November 16, 2018

With the high prices taking their toll on American citizens these days, it’s common to see people opting NOT to hire a masonry contractor for their homes and instead, settle for the usual general contractor. It’s totally understandable to go for the more convenient option. But what most people do not see are the benefits […]


Wear – Tear – Repair: Different Methods of Masonry Repair in Places like Tulsa

Posted on: October 19, 2018

Masonry repair, not only in Tulsa but also in different places all around the country, has become more and more sophisticated throughout the years. Gone are the days when masonry workers had to overhaul the whole affected segment when it deteriorates. Nowadays, contractors use well-researched strategies to repair and restore existing brick and stone structures without […]